The Project

From the year 2000 we have been able to purchase a number of plots of land to build on and have developed a thriving community by implementing a building programme which is still ongoing.
So far we have built a Medical centre, Church, Pastors House, rooms for the staff of the centre as well as rooms for the pastors extended family.
In another location at the back of the centre and up in the hills we are working on a large day/boarding school as well as a small primary and nursery school ( 3 schools in all).
The surrounding buildings consist of a large administration block, A large cook house and dining hall combined, (currently being used as a girls dormitory) A dormitory for boys to accommodate 120 beds,and a home for Orphans for up to 50 orphans.(which is being used to house the Teachers) A small temporary cook house.and a tuck shop.

Future developments (subject to funds) are as follows:-
A girls dormitory to accommodate 120 beds. Staff houses for the teachers, A small sick bay for pupils and a house for the Headmaster and his family.
We have plastered and painted the Main School now and it looks great.
We are currently constructing a security wall around the whole schools complex.