Back to Eden

our story

Back to Eden School is a Secondary boarding and day school situated in the hills of Kiyindi east Uganda.
Originally built to be a primary school it was upgraded to the Secondary status at the request of the local authorities.

There are 8 large classrooms some of which still need plastering, false ceilings are needed in each classroom and doors and windows.

Even though this school along with the primary school and the nursery school are in need of completion they are constantly in use.

The Schools are becoming popular and we have had Government approval for the curriculum which has given us top class pupils with exceptional grades.

From the recent count on our trip in July this year 2018, we now have 502 pupils at Back to Eden and we are expecting many more to join us. People are flooding into the district and looking for schools of excellence like ours. and Boarding is a big preference for many parents.

There is a need for much more equipment in the classrooms and constant requests for all sorts of school materials which we do our best to update as money comes in.

A Word From Our Headmaster

My heart is that all children should have a good education not just the few, but in these days the level of poverty is increasing in Uganda. People are crying because they can’t get jobs, small businesses are failing, fishermen are no longer able to fish – all this making it difficult and even impossible for parents to send their children to school – this then also means the teachers salaries are delayed or reduced. Nurses are also crying as people cannot afford medical supplies.

’We ask for people out there in the U.K. who have been blessed by God, to bless the work in Uganda through A.I.M. so

Come with us to Kiyindi in July, you’ll have the time of your life – meeting people and children that will capture your heart forever. Preach in the Churches and villages, Teach in the Schools, Serve in the Medical Centre or simply come and see that it’s a great place in spite of the challenges. ‘There are plenty of opportunities for mission, but if you can’t go, you can still send and pray’

Pray for Uganda. We do of course thank God for all He has done so far, and all the people who have supported the work,  – the School, Water, Electricity, Sponsored Children, and Medical Centre etc. we are grateful that in all these years He has heard our cries.