Mission 2018

We had mixed blessings this trip as the vehicle that Pastor Dan used for his work in the ministry and which needed refurbishing went up in flames in a garage fire. This was a massive blow to Pastor Dan and as the Garage was not insured, no compensation was or is available. The Church rallied around and are helping Dan on a monthly basis to pay for another secondhand vehicle which has been offered to him.

At this time also the minibus that is used for all other needs broke down and the school was without the means to get food supplies and ferry the children to and from School. –Eventually, we were able to raise enough money to repair it again ( for the fourteenth time)   We really need to get a new minibus.

The Women’s conference lasted 3 days and was the best to date. An acapella worship group of 3 Ladies that came on the trip with us were greatly appreciated and they brought a new spiritual dynamic to all the meetings.

This year we were able to repaint the Medical center as well as the school walls on the outside. The buildings are Looking good now.

The Borehole that supplies the water to the school by an electric pump and rubber hoses buried underground reaching into the school grounds is a major blessing. Although the electric pump had to be repaired because of an electrical surge blowing it at one stage. The 3 Standpipes in the grounds are constantly used for Bathing, washing clothes, cooking and drinking.

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