2018 – Summary

On our latest trip We covered hundreds of miles and many locations. Rose and I held over 40 seminars where many people received the message of Salvation and gave their lives to Jesus.Travelling all over Uganda was exciting and challenging at the same time. 2 of our trips took us to churches on the islands on Lake Victoria. These trips to the Islands are always a challenge as all the boats we hire seem to leak and someone has to constantly bale out the water which settles in the bottom of the boat. This is done by using a cut-down plastic jerrycan. As the water is scooped up and thrown overboard the resulting spray ends up soaking whoever is seated nearest to the scooper, so there is always a scramble for seats either end of the boat rather than the middle.So Funny.

We were not able to go to Uganda last year (2017) through lack of funds, this surprised us as we had not missed a trip since 1997. So being faith-filled Christians we took it to prayer and God gave us a number of reasons He had for us not to go. However, just before Christmas a Lady phoned and said”I understand that you did not go to Uganda this year but God has told me to give you the fare to go next year” Glory Hallelujah.

The timing was great and we were able to get tickets at quite reasonable prices in the January sales, then we had to stay in faith for the expenses needed for the mission, needless to say as the mission date got closer we were blessed with 4 different donations which covered all the expenses. –Brilliant. Where God Guides He Provides. He is Jehovah Jireh our provider.

This trip was amazing, we had 3 Ladies with us, Luana, Ellie and Gugu. together they are “Lifestream” an acapella worship team. When they ministered at most of the meetings and sessions we had, Heaven came down and everyone was touched with the tangible presence of God. Interestingly enough Luana had wanted to come with us in 2017 when we could not go but at the same time the other 2 girls could not make it, He He, God has a plan always. We travelled all over Uganda and held at least 40 sessions of preaching /Teaching. The Power of God was ever present to Heal and many were healed of various maladies and diseases, Broken bones were nit together, eyes were healed, hearing restored and bodies had a complete overhaul.

What I loved was that at nearly every meeting we had, at no matter what location it was held, people would come into the meeting saying that they wanted to give their lives to Jesus and as we led them in a prayer of salvation healing always followed. –excellent The women’s conference headed up by Rose was the best yet, but I will let her tell you all about it

We had this message from Headmaster Stephen recently with photo’s & video clip of damage to the foundation of the building just behind the nursery school which is where many of the teaching staff live; which if not repaired quickly would have serious consequences not only on that building but also the Nursery itself.‘Rev Gerry & Pastor Rose. Sorry to tell you now but it’s my duty to report about the work. We are having too much rains these days, More than we have had before but the problem rain has caused is that the building for the staff quarters are soon falling apart if at all we don’t build the stone wall to hold the ground on which it is standing. We need to save these buildings before the ground is washed down by rain and damages the nursery also.Secondly, today we indeed need your prayers because Uganda is becoming so difficult. Can you believe that a bag of cement has risen from 31.000 (Uganda shillings) to 40,000 within these past 2 weeks, fuel petrol from 3,400 us to 4,000! It’s too much what we are getting through’LATEST NEWS: August 2018: We were able to fortify the foundations and rebuild the retaining wall to the staff quarters as some funds became available. we saved the potential collapse of the outer wall–Brilliant.

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