2016 – Summary

This was the theme for the amazing 3 day Conference we held in Uganda this year.
So many people had their lives impacted for the better. many were healed and many gave their lives to Jesus.
It was the most extraordinary time and we felt so privileged to have been a part of it.
Kiyindi village is fast becoming a town now as more and more come flocking in. ( in the year 2000 there was less than 5000 people living in Kiyindi now there are over 30,000. Things have certainly turned around for this once sleepy fishing village on the edge of Lake Victoria.
Our Schools are buzzing with children and so many of them are getting high marks in their exams that we have has the best Academic year for any school in our District (210 schools)

The 2nd dormitory is now built and in use for the boarding Students, so with 2 dormitories we can house 224 students that`s a great result for us and the authorities are happy.
As you can imagine there is so much more to do and so much more equipment etc needed.
We were able to supply water from our borehole to the school via an electric pump ( which broke down leaving the school without water for 5 days) to standpipes in the school grounds a few months ago and the difference this makes is amazing. No MORE RUNNING DOWN TO THE LAKE TO FILL JERRY CANS WITH WATER AND HAVING TO CARRY THEM UPHILL TO THE SCHOOL Hurrah!

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